365 Photos for 365 Days - Part I

kid blowing snow

Last year I was inspired by a few photographers who did the 365 project. The idea is that you are supposed to take a photo everyday of the year, totaling 365 pictures! If there is anyone out there who have been able to do a true 365 I would be impressed! It is a lot of work taking a photo everyday and many give up because days end up being missed. When I started, I learned that my expectations needed to be realistic. I was probably going to miss days and there may be times when all I had was my Galaxy S6. I definitely missed days but would make them up with photos from that same day or a favorite I took recently. Some photos I did not take but instead set up and instructed my husband or son on how to take them. Yes, I let my 5 year old son touch and handle my cameras! I really tried to not use my phone and I felt I did a very good job keeping phone photos at bay. One way I was able to achieve this was that I purchased a Fuji XT20 mirrorless camera that I take everywhere in my purse. I would say 70% of these photos are taken with my Fuji, 25% with my Nikon D750, and 5% with the Galaxy S6 smartphone. I hope you all enjoy looking through my photos! I have so many photos that I took of our family this year because of this project. It helped me grow as a documentary photographer and become comfortable and more familiar with my camera. If you are thinking of doing a 365 project or something similar, like 52, I HIGHLY encourage you to give it a go!


chicken wings
sleeping boy
hiding in the kitchen
toddler eating banana
snow catching
snow blowing
snowy face
The Midwife Center
Pittsburgh Natural History Museum
Duquesne Incline
Spilled Cereal
Mount Washington
In Bed
Toddler Reading a Book
Book Mess
Pittsburgh Phipps Fish
South Park Reflection of a Tree
Happy Tree at South Park Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Zoo Octopus
House Spider
Brother and Sister
Giraffe at Pittsburgh Zoo
Fish Eye mirror
Snow Glare
Portrait in black and white
Nikon D750
toddler doing a card trick
T-Rex at Pittsburgh Museum
Sleepy toddler
Black and White Eyes
Snow Berries
Sleeping in the car
Pittsburgh Night
Toddler sleeping in crib
Snow in Pittsburgh
Andy Warhol Taxidermy
Toddler playing
Andy Warhol Museum
West End Overlook Pittsburgh
Downtown Pittsburgh at dusk
Magee Pittsburgh
West End Overlook Pittsburgh
Backyard Sunset
Swinging Outside
Pinball Kiss
Toddler Shopping
Siblings Playing
Doctors Office
West Penn Hospital Pittsburgh
Smiling Toddler Bowling
Birth Photographer Selfie
Bowling a Strike
On the Couch
Grandpa and Granddaughter eating
Science Center Pittsburgh
Sold House
Pittsburgh Orchestra Concert
Pittsburgh Cultural District
Reading a story with grandpa
Science Center
First Haircut
Snow in Pittsburgh
Eating at Moes
Guitar Gibson Les Paul
Boy on Guitar
Arsenal Bowling
Eating at the Mall
Cemetery Pittsburgh
At the Doctors Office
Phipps Snail
Young Photographer
Big Blue Slide Pittsburgh
Grandview Park Jumping
Frick Park Sign
Party City Mario Hat
Sun and weeds
Panther Hollow Trail Portrait
on the couch
Swings outside
Ice Cream at McDonalds
Toddler climbing out of crib
green grass
Toddler Eating
Boy at the door
Oakland Pittsburgh
Milkshake Shop
Talking through the door
Magnifying glass
Easter Egg
Easter Egg Hunt
in a wagon
Mount Washington hike
brushing teeth
little cooker
wishing well
Piitsburgh bridges
playing with boxes
pittsburgh home
magee hospital
bike ride
living room playing
flowers in spring
(131) May 16th.jpg
on the bed
Desert flower
siblings playing
looking out the window
birthday cake
ice cream
toddler running
staring out window
birth selfie
butterfly on flower
kids sitting
pittsburgh zoo seal
home in pittsburgh
(141) May 23rd.jpg
(142) May 23rd.jpg
(145) May 25th.jpg
phipps water
(152) May 31st.jpg
ice cream face
(155) June 3rd.jpg
strip district pittsburgh
ice blocking
lion at pittsburgh zoo
petting deer
(139) May 22nd.jpg
(140) May 22nd.jpg
(144) May 25th.jpg
(143) May 24th.jpg
locks of love pittsburgh oakland
(148) May 27th.jpg
(150) May 29th.jpg
cultural district pittsburgh
(153) June 1st.jpg
(156) June 3rd.jpg
the midwife center mural
splash pad
Round Hill Farm horses
(162) June 11th.jpg
chocolate tours
Hershey chocolate world
Hershey Park
theme park ride
turkey hill experience cow
Penns Cave
turkey hill experience ball pit
penns cave enterance
(172) June 22nd.jpg
Vacuuming room
outside yard
pittsburgh bridge
(171) June 22nd.jpg
living room
jumping on the bed
feet in water