20 Secrets Your Birth Photographer Wants You To Know

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1. We do not care if you are groomed... You know, down there.

2. Same with your legs or other parts of your body that grows hair! It's not a thing to us.

3. We have tough stomachs. We've seen so much bodily fluids, blood, placentas, and even cesarean surgeries being performed.

4. Every birth is an amazing story. It is always humbling to witness baby's first moments and the labor process that got them there.

5. Birth photography is very different skill set than being a portrait, wedding, or landscape photographer.

6. We don't just show up. There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation that takes place before, during, and after your birth

7. We continue to capture and help afterwards too. Usually we stay 2 hours after baby is born for all those special first moments!

8. Hours are unpredictable and we can sometimes miss important family events or holidays.

9. On-call life is not for the faint of heart. Our schedules - or lack thereof - can be very demanding.

10. Editing is a very tedious process. Our work is not done after your birth.

11. It is extremely frustrating to us when Social Media and photography contests deem our art inappropriate or ban us from its platforms.

12. We feel angry, sad, or disappointed along with you if your birth is not what you had hoped it to be.

13. It is devastating if there is a bad outcome. It's a serious risk we all are willing to take.

14. A lot of us also volunteer for organizations like Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - where we come to help a family if they lose their child after birth.

15. We all truly believe that showcasing labor and birth photos will normalize birth and help give women the strength and courage that they can do it too.

16. We are always thinking at least 3 steps ahead to try and nail that perfect shot that we know will be coming up.

17. We are always looking for the light.

18. We know our local birth scene. We have the connections to hook you up.

19. We are a part of your birth team. A lot of us have been around birth enough to show you a few things if you are looking for help. If you are lucky your photographer is a trained or certified doula!

20. We often form strong bonds with our clients and become friends afterwards.

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