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Nevada star sky

It has been quite a whirlwind jumping into photography in the last few years. I have grown and have loved capturing many births - which is primarily my clientele. I also have always had a passion for simply capturing the everyday moments of my own family. They often say you shouldn't mix your personal life with business but I believe in this line of work it is often okay since you connecting with families on such an intimate level. 

This summer I chose to take some time off from birth so I could travel and focus on having fun with my family. Because birth photography is so demanding and both physically and emotionally draining at times it is important to reboot and take some well deserved time off. 


I recently went back home to Nevada with just the kids and I to visit our family. When I tell people that I come from a small town I really mean a small town. We don't have any fast food or stoplights in our entire giant county. We live about an hour and a half from the closest small city in Utah. Las Vegas is almost three hours away and you can see a small glow off to the south in our night sky. It was front page news in our newspaper when one of the local gas station installed automatic opening doors! I believe I had a truly unique upbringing growing up in rural Nevada and even though I cannot see us ever having the opportunity to move back or nearby - I love visiting my hometown. 

In this post I wanted to share what lifestyle photography is all about. What better way to show that through my own personal photography going home with my own children. My kids just love looking back at pictures of  our everyday life and special outings or vacations that we go on. There is a time and place for more formal studio type photos but you and your children will often come back time and time again to look at more informal photographs. That is why I specialize and encourage any potential clients to consider lifestyle photography! It is much more genuine and special to your family. 



Absolutely! I'd love to capture your family with a Life in a Day Session! Especially since we are coming closer to the end of Summer, now would be the perfect time to inquire a slot for the Fall. Are you going to Kennywood for the day? How about a picnic or hike at Raccoon Creek State Park? Even a simple morning in your own home! These are just a few of the fun ideas you can hire a photographer for a Lifestyle Session.