Intimate Connection: Love and Birth

Labor in Pittsburgh

I didn't think I could love my husband any more than I already did until our first child came. I was so impressed with him in the birth. He was so committed to me and our child in labor. It was so intimate and special. When our second child came along he was my rock. He literally had his hands out ready to catch our baby as our midwife rushed in her car to to our home as I couldn't fight off the urge of pushing. She showed up with a push to spare! When I was loosing it I remember saying with tears streaming down my face, "what if she doesn't make it? What if the baby comes?" He looked at me and said with confidence, "it's not a big deal. I'll catch the baby and everything will be fine. There is nothing to be afraid of." In that moment I knew that he was my soulmate. 

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I see the most intimate moments between couples at birth. There is nothing like experiencing a birth with a partner you love and trust. I see couples connect when everything goes well and perfect but I also see the deep connection couple's share when things don't go according to plan. I've seen families cry together for joy and for sadness but the one thing they all share is deep love in these moments. The love for one another and the love for their child. Witnessing these little miracles all the time at births makes our profession so special and fulfilling. 

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Coming into the World With Love

When I met Candyce and Amanda I felt like I knew them from another time. It was so easy to talk to them and I knew in that first meeting that their birth would be a wonderful experience between the two of them. I was honored to to be invited into their birth to document the day. They were just so happy. I love being around happy couples in birth! Candyce cared so deeply about Amanda's comfort during the process and really rocked some of the moves and tips I showed her. At one point in the birth Candyce pulled out a letter she had written for her wife to help and encourage her to get through the tough moments. It was one of the most beautiful gesture I have ever seen. Their baby boy arrived that evening healthy and perfect. Their birth team was impeccable and also close friends with the family. It was all around just a very happy birth to be a part of.

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