Pittsburgh Dads

My husband with our second child a few days after birth. Picture by: Cristina Baker at  http://www.cristinalbaker.com/

My husband with our second child a few days after birth. Picture by: Cristina Baker at http://www.cristinalbaker.com/


Father's Day is around the corner so let's talk about dads for a minute. When I look back at my own births I am reminded just how hard my husband loved my son and I while in labor and the support, both physically and emotionally he provided me. In fact, he darn near delivered our second child - and it didn't even phase him or make him panic! He was my rock in our births, and I trusted him completely in each of our births. 

I reached out to one of the local moms groups I belong to on Facebook recently to share their personal photos of their birth partners in birth with baby. The response was fantastic! The fact is most of us these days do document some aspect of our births. It's so easy with the technology we have at our fingertips. We are taking more photos of our families and outings we go out on everyday like never before. It is such a wonderful thing! 

We focus most of the birth experience on supporting mothers and empowering them but part of my job as a doula, even photographer, is to help our fathers' shine in the birth room and enhance their connection with their partner. I attended a birth recently where the husband physically held up his laboring wife in a squatting position while pushing. All of her dead weight, for several minutes. I'm pretty sure I would have dropped her - even being as petite as she was - in less than a minute. I've had fathers sing to their spouses in the birth room, fathers that never missed offering their wives a drink after a contraction, got in tubs with moms, had to advocate hard, and even sometimes make incredibly difficult medical decisions on behalf of their loved ones.  

I know Pittsburgh has some amazing dads because I have loved working with every single one. It's one of the biggest joys birth photography and doula work bring to me: watching fathers do incredibly loving and beautiful things for their partners in the birth room.


Down below are a few of my favorite dad photos from some of the births I have done here in Pittsburgh. Much like a wedding or another important event families celebrate, birth photography captures your story in a photojournalist way as your day unfolds. Yes, the big reveal when baby emerges is exciting and exhilarating but it's such a small moment in a much larger story. It's about the connection and work that got you to that moment, the laughter and joyful little moments in-between, and of course the reaction and moment when you get to hold baby for the first time. I have never had a family regret my presence or investment. I have had some fathers before birth who may have been hesitant about my presence in the birth space, not quite understanding why their wives want to hire a photographer, but soon realize shortly after I arrive that I support and help them (often showing them a few tricks) so they are comfortable in supporting their partners and cherish the photos when they are complete a few weeks after the birth. 

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