I can not sing Jess’s praises enough! What an incredible gift she has given my family and I! I will cherish the beautiful birth photos she captured for the rest of my life. Jess was extremely professional, kind and supportive during the pregnancy and birth of my daughter. I was surprised by many of the images she captured because I didn’t even notice her presence in the moment. I would HIGHLY recommend Jess to anyone interested in having a birth photographer.
Jessica’s personality is calm, patient, and supportive. I definitely felt like she was on my side and she helped relieve the anxieties I had about childbirth. She also did am excellent job including my husband in the process. With Jessica’s help we felt confident and prepared. If we have another baby in the future we definitely would use Jessica again!
I’m super impressed by [Jessica’s] business acumen and birth photography platform. She’s a true advocate for women and her passion for birth comes through in her dedication to her clients and her photos, which capture what words cannot.
During my birthing time, [Jess] helped keep a peaceful and calm space at the hospital. Anytime an unnecessary fear crept up, she was there to help me push it aside. She never replaced the important partnership between my husband and I but rather helped to strengthen it. Jess helped me achieve the birth I had always dreamed of.